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Saul Archila graduated from Woodbury Universities, Bachelors of Architecture program in May of 2014. He has since specialize in construction documentation, architectural renderings, physical and virtual 3D model making, commercial prototyping, 3D printing, and jewelry design. architectural construction documents. Saul is a first generation American with a background stemmed from a family of builders specializing in a wide array of construction trades (Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians etc.). Experience has guided him to become a strong service oriented professional with a keen eye to detail. The distinct experience he received between the service industry, not for profit community development sector, overt mechanical expressionism and design-build realm has set him up with a unique set of skills fit to tackle any challenge set before him.


House & Robertson Architects: “Job Captain” 02/06/17 – 03/01/18, 06/06/19 – Present

Coordinate, collaborate, and consult with Design Architects from design development to produce construction drawings and carry projects through construction. Responsible for coordination between all disciplines for commercial, mixed use, and restaurant projects scaling between 5,000-500,000 square feet.

Thru Hiker / World Traveler: 03/01/18 – 06/01/19

Over the course of 6 months Saul Thru hiked the Appalachian Trail; a 2,200 mile long distance trek spanning 14 states. Starting in Georgia and ending in Maine, he hiked between 15-20 miles a day through rain, fog, freezing fog, snow, snow storms, sub-zero temperatures, heat waves, ect..

This trek was followed immediately by an 8 month trip travelling around the world vising: Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, India, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, and Japan.

TOTUM Corporation: “Designer” 07/01/13 – 02/03/17

Collaborated with the lead Designers and Architects to implement and execute sustainable design. Responsible for coordination of construction drawings between consultants for residential and commercial projects, and for producing architectural renderings, diagrams, presentations, marketing content etc.

Skid Row Housing Trust: “Community Design Fellow” 06/05/14 – 10/02/14.

Worked closely with the Community Architect and was responsible for all aspects of the implementation of the project Skid Row 2050, a community-engaged vision and design plan for sustainable neighborhood development. Charged with community outreach and engagement, community workshops, design research, urban planning and design development, and the creation of publications. Supported the Trust’s participatory design objectives by coordinating various aspects of Skid Row 2050.

Jones Partners and Associates: “Design Intern” 05/10/13 – 08/20/13

Worked closely with a design team to produce finished presentations. Some presentation included physical models (displayed at MOCA), experimental computer generated animations, photorealistic renderings, abstract collages and construction drawings.

SOA Plumbing: “Plumbing Consultant/Assistant” 01/20/10 – 01/25/13

Worked hand in hand with the senior plumber on projects varying from custom single-family residential housing to commercial construction. Responsible for office management and hands on activities.