Total Isolation – The ideal building for someone who knows it will never be seen

I often ponder how much of what we do as architects is a direct result of liberated creativity vs attempted statements or rather a dialogue comparative to either the environment the structure we are planning to erect is inhabiting or the global conversation of buildings.

Let’s take a second to imagine a world where you had the means to buy a thousand acres of land, you also had the means to build any house of your choosing, and you had the means to design the landscape how ever you saw best fit for your ideal dwelling. The only catch to all of this is nobody else would ever have the ability to see it, feel it, know of it, see photos of it, and know it would never have an impact of Architecture as we know it. What would it look like?

Would the building follow the terrain? Would the environment matter more than the dwelling? Would it be a reaction of the future inhabitants personality? Again I will point out, nobody will ever know it ever exist or existed. To you the reader and to I the creator I must ask, what is it that really matters?

At it’s absolute core, in this scenario I would argue the function supercedes all. If we do not know what the buildings primary use will be, no building could ever be designed. Therefore all aesthetics become secondary; form, style, and color.

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