Designing for Wellness – A Post Covid-19 World

Today is April 29th 2020, and many of us have been cooped up at home for the last month and a half waiting for this nightmare of a pandemic to come to an end. Social distancing, hand washing, and wiping down everything you come into contact with has become the new norm. While there are many unknowns about what the future will bring us, whether it be the economy, our health, or politics. One thing is certain, once the stay at home orders are lifted and we all have the luxury of freely moving about, we will not be interacting with the same world we once knew. There was a Pre-Covid-19 world and there shall be a post Covid-19 world.

As we progress in this new world, Architecture will be flooded with innovative widgets to reduce physical contact with the physical world but we as designers need to ascend beyond the widget. We will need to rethink design to not only give the perception of cleanliness but to physically alter an individuals interaction with space. Movement through environments ought to be thought as labyrinths;  designated entrances and exits that move the body in a singular direction. The open floor plan (an idea fraught with little regard to the individual) shall be an idea of the twenty teens. The square foot to individual shall be increased 3 fold, and the conference room lose its status to the virtual.  Material selections ought to be solid  and non porous but must refrain from being sterile and tasteless. Saturation shall be the driver of experience.






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