Designing the Future Home Office

You are progressing through an hour and a half long zoom meeting trying to coordinate mechanical ducts and wide flange beams while the aroma of chicken and spinach roams the air as lunch fast approaches. Your father in law is blasting reruns of WWE in the living room because of course he will. The hours turned to days, the days then to weeks and going outside has become an uncommon occurrence. The vast majority of your time is spent staring at a computer screen and a wall painted the color of someone who obviously grew up in the 80’s assuming the taste of the future will never evolve.

This inevitably leads us to a conclusion before we can fathom a hypothesis. Soundproof, breathable, non distracting, visually stimulating spaces. We can imagine the idea without seeing it. It’s as if you were on a hammock on an island off Port Barton on Palawan Island in the Philippines. But even being there doesn’t give you the satisfaction you are looking for.

What does the future home office look like? What doe it sound like? What does it feel like? What are the operating hours? Is there a separation between working out and a client calls? Does there need to be? The 1950’s version of the 9-5 has come and gone and we will need to embrace a new norm.

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