S + A : S


Client: Vanguard University                                                                                                   Completion: August 2012

The ability to capture a moment, compelled this instillation to go beyond what is felt but rather what is never seen. Freezing a raindrop before it ever hit the ground. This project includes 10,000 teardrop beads, over 4,000 yards of fishing line, an excess of 800 clear pins and required over 1,000 man hours to be cover together.

Designed By:

Saul S. Archila                                                                                                                                 Jose Siquina

Special Thanks To:

Vangaurd University, Rachel Lund RD of Catalina, Jackie Siquina RA of Catalina, Olga Siquina, Teresa Luquin, Marizabel Archila, Maritza Archila, Saul O. Archila, Luis Fuentes, Jesus Urciaga, Sarah Dickey, Anthony Alfaro, Chris Gonzales, Alex Montoya, Jessica Martinez, Billy Chriboga


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